How video and good graphics boost your crowdfunding campaign

No graphics, no story.

Did you know that, without graphics, a lot of campaigns are not being noticed or shared less? A good video really does work to your benefit. For example, campaigns with a good video on Kickstarter have a 50% chance of success in comparison to 30% chance of succes for campaigns with no video. So that’s a gap of 20%! And according to other statistics the percentages are even higher: GoGetFunding mentions 105% more chance to success with video in comparison to no video, and Indiegogo even mentions 114% more chance.

Also “normal” marketing research shows that video seems to create more revenues. People that are willing to look at your video are more tempted to buy.

The first 15 seconds are very important

Nowadays you have to grab the attention of the viewer instantly and hope that they don’t click away. Have a strong start, and a strong end.

High-tech video?

The video does not need to be high-tech or perfect! The most important thing is your message and the way you convey it, so good sound is a requirement. A video with a modern mobile phone is made in a few minutes, and there are plenty places where you can rent cameras for a low price or you can hire a video-production company.

Do you need to be in the video?

You do not need to be in the video. In case of crowdfunding, a lot of people do however appreciate it as they are interested to see the entrepreneur behind the project. Authenticity and passion are your power! But with some product launches the project owner is not featured in the video, and the focus is more on the product and the team. Do what feels good to you!

Straight in the camera

When you are being filmed, look at the viewer. Make “eye contact”. Show expression in your face and in your voice: show your enthusiasm and drive for the project.


In your choice of graphics you cannot use images and videos of others without their consent, with regards to copyright. Therefore it is important that you use material that is yours or which you have permission for to use. The same applies to the people you have caught on camera, with regards to portret rights.


Enjoy shooting the video. Your project is getting more “body” and the next step is a matter of launching your project and really starting.

Frequently asked question: Can you crowdfund successfully without video?

The question that arises every now and then: how important is a video really?
A crowdfunding video is important, but not a necessity. A catching graphic can also do its job very well. In average a campaign with a video will reach success faster, but especially with regards to charity projects there are enough campaigns without a video.

Video is important to new products and services, group projects, games and art projects. As you have already seen above, a video will increase your chance of success, but there are also enough successful campaigns without video.

Almost no-one on the donation platform GoFundMe has a video, and yet a lot of funding is raised there. A photo and a good story suffices in these cases. Also on investment platforms video isn’t the most important factor, but earlier projects and a sound financial horizon can prove to be decisive.

Marketing-wise, surely if you want to upscale your company after the project, a video is recommended. Do you also want to grow further after your campaign or do you have questions to aid your project? Contact us!

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