How to create an involving community around your crowdfunding campaign?

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Crowdfinding might sometimes even be a better term for crowdfunding. Crowdfunding revolves around the crowd; the creation of a network around your idea.  But how to find your crowd, and how do they find you?

1. First, explore your network

Crowdfunding always starts with your own, existing, network. They might be friends and family, acquaintances, business-partners, customers and so on. They are the first to reach out to and to enthusiasm. Make it personal.

2. Try and find a number of ambassadors 

To be able to reach a network for your crowdfunding campaign, choosing a number of ambassadors can be critical. Ambassadors are people who are people who love your campaign and are willing to help further your project by putting their talents at your disposal. This could be through having a large social network of people who could be approached, through someone being a skilled salesperson or perhaps by being an excellent sparring-partner that can help you brainstorm. In short, approach people about becoming an ambassador of your project of whom you know that they would be able to help further your campaign, or are just simply able to enthousiast or inspire people. For example an inspiring blogger on your topic.

3. Share positive messages with your audience

The joy of being connected to other people is really fundamental to who we are as humans, and the brain is powerfully organized around supporting those connections,” says Yoni Ashar (University of Colorado Boulder, neuroscience of compassion).

Research from Harvard by Shawn shows that sending daily positively charged messages to other people, complimenting them, will make you feel happier. It helps boost your social connections, which are at the same time important for someone to feel happy about themselves. And the happier you feel, the more success you will reach according to the research. The nice thing about this is that it doesn’t rely on anyone responding; you yourself are the one sending the messages out. By sending positive messages we can actually train our brain to increase the feeling of happiness.

In short, share positive messages and stories with your audience. It doesn’t only help expand your network, it increases your own happiness and succes too!

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